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Rich history, many year’s experience and looking ahead into the future – these are the main characteristic of JSC Krasnkokamsk Metal Mesh Works, Rosset TM.

Today this is one of the biggest plant in Europe in this branch and only company in Russia and CIS states manufacturing forming fabric for paper machines.

For many years history dating back to 1942 the plant has developed more than 180 types of product. It is high-demand by all extractive and industrial branches of economy such as pulp-and-paper, woodworking, construction, communal service and agriculture, mining, chemical, oil-and-gas, coal and food industries.

At present the plant produces sophisticated synthetic fabrics and metal meshes which are not inferior to foreign analogues. Application of certified quality management system ISO9007:2008 and wide dealers net make possible for a company to take place and to carry on business in domestic and international markets. Currently the authorized agents act in more than 10 countries in various continents and the product is supplied to dozens of markets in Europe, Asia and America.

Particularity of the plant is availability of machinery allowing to produce fabrics of big size: up to 72 m long and 11 m wide.

JSC Krasnokamsk Metal Mesh Works, ROSSET TM, is getting with the times and it has a highest regard for production upgrade. At the moment the plant is fitted with the newest operational equipment making the production of sophisticated multilayer synthetic fabrics possible. Besides the plant owns the large drawing machinery which allow us to offer wire made of non-ferrous metal alloys including wire of micron diameters in the market.

Groundbreaking innovative technology is development of carcass mesh «ROSOMAHA» intended to be used as roadway covering in cross-country conditions as well as for equipage and fixing of various platforms including aircraft ground. Such companies as Rosneft and Gasprom have already shown their interest in ROSOMAHA.

Companys intentions are further product-line expansion, initiation of successful import-substituting offers for domestic industrial enterprises and assimilation of new markets.