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Industrial Frame meshes



Wire drawing

More than 80 % of meshes and fabrics produced by our plant are mostly used pulp-and-paper industry. At present the pulp-and-paper industry of Russia is developing at an intensive rate and this means technical and engineering modernization, extensive conversion of main equipment. In this situation the importance of complementary engineering, supporting and consulting services is highly increasing.

Some year ago the service department was found in JSC Krasnokamsk Metal Mesh Works. This department deals with questions and issues regarding choosing clothing and its operation in wet section of paper machines.

Decision on service matters are currently getting easier thanks to development of automation and modern instrumentation.

In its work our service team uses the following instruments:

  • Laser tapeline HILTI PO 30 is used for measurement of actual fabric’s size, forming table elements and paper webs;
  • Portable waterproof pH-meter F 265 is used for measurements of СЂРќ and temperature values in head ox of forming table;
  • Stroboscope Unilux Beacon is used to make a «frozen» (fixed) view of stock pulsation in several elements of forming table (breast roll, wire-carrying rolls, foils). It is used together with photo camera to make pictures of critical zones with higher level of tourbulence;
  • Paper stock level scanner FiberScan is used for — evaluation of paper web evaporation and mass in certain areas of a forming table;
  • Office equipment (laptop, portable printer) is used to make service reports.

Wire drawing

Wire drawing department has a wide experience in drawing, annealing, etching operation of wire made of cuprum, nickel, cupronickel alloys 7,0 mm to 0,025 mm dia. as well as winding a rope of design 7*0,10 mm to 7*0,3 mm.

There are possibilities to render such service as drawing wire supplied by customer. Depending on purchase volume and payment terms we will definitely find a compromise in regard to price.

Delivery time is about 2–3 weeks on condition that raw material is available and order volume is defined.В 

Your sales assistant is:

+7 (34273) 20-192

+7 (34273) 20-303

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Product of JSC Krasnokamsk Metal Mesh Works – ROSSET trade mark – is used in various economical branches. The most popular application is found in pulp-and-paper industry where forming, filter and dryer fabrics are required.

Our company is able to produce fabrics with unparalleled dimensions, namely fabrics of 72 meters long and 11 meters wide.

Metal meshes and synthetic fabrics (clothing) produced by ROSSET are in-demand in many other industries. The main application are forming, filtration, transporting, drying, screening as well as fencing and reinforcing.

Besides the innovative company product, so called carcass mesh “Rosomaha”, is purposed for usage as roadways covering in cross-country conditions (slough, deserts, snowdrift etc.) in order to increase the off-road performance of heavy vehicles, to strength the landing platforms for helicopters, to allow the passage of machinery during construction of cross-country pipeline, to cover mobile buildings (hangars, tents), to make walkways in tents towns and camping areas.